100 Hours Project

Hello! welcome to my blog. My name is Barney Oram, and i’m a sound designer for games. I’m currently in the last 6 months (or so) of an Audio Production degree at Lincoln University. Having already worked on a few games, i’m hoping to spend my remaining time at university preparing myself to break into the gaming industry as a professional sound designer.

This project is one of the ways I’ve decided to make myself more employable. We have access to a Sound Devices 633 field recorder, a very serious bit of kit, at university, and I want to make the most of having that access by essentially recording myself a sound library and documenting the process. It is important to have some great pre-recorded sounds in a library when designing (as not all projects allow for the luxury of recording sounds in the field) so i’m going to build my arsenal and show I can record high quality, usable material, with professional gear while doing so.

This blog will break down the hours I spend recording (hopefully about 100), what and how I recorded as well as (where appropriate) what project the sounds are being used for.

I hope you find the following posts interesting. Thanks for taking a look!




100 Hours Project

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