Hours 7 – 9: Football Match

Last night I went to my first ever football match (in a stadium, at least), and I decided it’d be a fun opportunity to record some of the crowd. I was relatively unprepared and as such, only had a zoom (borrowed from my housemate) to hand to record with, but I brought it along and recorded what I could of the match. It was between the two universities in my city, and there was roughly 1500 attendees.


My location was relatively un-ideal, being just sat among the crowd with little distance between myself and others. This worked out okay on the most part, but occasionally the mic picks up those on either side of me more clearly than the rest of the crowd. Given the opportunity again, I think i’d ask for permission to stand at the side of the pitch and bring a decent stereo mic to capture the crowd as a whole (rather than from inside of the crowd).

The recordings below are raw, straight from the zoom. I didn’t have a chance to edit it sonically before uploading, but just chopped up a few highlights to give you an idea of what I captured. Sadly due to the immense volume of the crowd, the recordings do peak a bit at when the cheering is at it’s loudest. This recording was just for fun but i’d love to  do it again with better preparation, for some kind of football/sport game.


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Hours 7 – 9: Football Match

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