Hours 14 – 15: Four Lazer Shots

Hello again! Today I decided to have a go at making a few different lazer sounds, to replace the standard lazer gun sound that comes with the UE4 FPS template. I built the sounds in FL Studio, using a number of previous recordings. synthesis and a lot of processing. I implemented two of the sounds with FMOD, and the other two directly into UE4 with the sound cue tools. I switched out the sounds with blueprint, attaching the playsound command to the existing framework for spawning the little yellow balls. I could alternatively have used a left click event and attached a playsound node to that.

As I said, the sounds were mainly built from synthesis and various recordings. I used library recordings of guns and explosions as the basis for the majority of the sounds, as well as random recordings of my own that fitted the sound (eg. a ps2 servo, metal hammer impacts and glass smashing, to name a few), layer with various elements of synthesis. I kept the synth patches relatively simple, merely automating the pitch to create the ‘zap’ lazer sound. I used a load of processing to make the sounds punchy and interesting, including various distortion and saturation plugins, flanger and bitcrushing, as well as reverb and delay in places.



These screenshots show my workflow in FL, including the different variations of the sounds and a few examples of the plugins I used to process them with. I’m a big fan of glitch for messing with sounds, Winkl is a cool distortion plugin and NI Driver is great for making stuff sound manic and crazy. I think it’s meant to be some kind of bitcrushing/distortion thing, but I really like it as it always seems to produce varied results.
I bounced each iteration separately, but given the situation of doing something like this again, i’d break the sounds down into separate elements and combine them with variations when implementing. However this exercise was more to explore the sound design element, than complex implementation.

Below is a video and walkthrough of how I implemented the sounds and hooked them up in UE4. It was the first time i’d implemented into an engine with FMOD and I was amazed at how easy it was to set up and get going (and the live update feature is the BEST).

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!




Hours 14 – 15: Four Lazer Shots

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