Hours 27 – 28: Convolution IR Experiment

So today I did something i’ve meaning to do for about 3 years – experiment with impulse response recording. I popped down to poundland and picked up a bag of balloons, and spent the day popping them and recording the results.

I’ve got three little demos of the IR I recorded, which i’m actually really impressed with. I’m thinking, as it’s so easy to record an IR, I might spend a little time over the next few weeks, gathering up as many as I can. I’m also going to experiment with exterior IR recordings, something I haven’t seen done all that much. stay posted.

Anyway, he’s a few cool bits I recorded today. This first one is from the alleyway in my house, leading to the front door. It’s a stone alley, possibly about 7-8 meters long, and it has a really sweet reverb. I’ve been intending to record something in there for a while. As I mentioned, a used a balloon pop as my sonic exciter, and in this case, I recorded it with my tascam recorder. The result was really cool. Below is the IR itself and a little demo of my voice – a dry recording of me, a mix of dry and wet from the convolution reverb, and just the wet signal from the IR.

The space:


and what it sounded like:


The second IR I recorded was in a little cup. I’d heard about people recording impulse responses in glass bowls and bottles, and suchlike, so I thought i’d give it a shot with a little metal mug I have in my room. It’s a cool sound, and it’d probably find a use somewhere. I think recording small objects for their sonic characteristics is a great way to make decent helmet recordings for any space/astronaut type stuff you may be working on. I think it may have been Gravity that I read about using this technique with an IR to get a nice boxy helmet sound to put the voice into. I stuck my tascam recorder into the cup and popped the balloon next to it. I think it picked up quite well, and the result is very usable.

This is the cup (it’s kinda like a camping mug type thing):


and this is what it sounded like:


and lastly, while I was recording the bowed cymbals (in my last post), I also popped a balloon and grabbed an IR of the stairwell I was in. The space was huge, and the impulse response is really impressive. I was most impressed with the fact my voice actually sounds a lot like it does in the actual space, in the demo i’ve done with the convolution reverb. it’s really similar. I used the mic setup I used in that post, mid/side 414’s, and a U87 at a distance, into the sound devices 664. I think this one sounds the best, which is largely because of that mic setup and the pre’s on the sound devices. I didn’t really grab a picture of the space unfortunately, so you’ll have to use your imagination. i’d like to think i’m in the VAB.

this is what it sounded like:

anyway, that’s all for now! as always, thanks for reading.



Hours 27 – 28: Convolution IR Experiment

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