Hours 28 – 30: Night Ambience and more Rain

Hello! I’m back again, this time with a bit more ambience. I spent the weekend at home (for Easter) and had the opportunity to record a few bits while I was there. I brought a fairly simple setup, a Zoom H4n and a Rode NT-4 stereo X/Y mic. I had to keep it lightweight, as I came back on the train and only brought my backpack to carry stuff. It worked out well, as usual the Zoom was unfortunately a little noisy, but from prior experience, I knew this was to be expected.

I got a couple of hours worth of recordings, a bit of rain and some night-time ambience.

I captured the rain because I had the opportunity to – I never seem to have a recorder at the ready when rain strikes, so when it began raining this weekend, I took advantage of the fact I had a recorder and mic ready to go. I captured about an hour of rain, and i’m sure it’ll come in handy at somepoint. I had to chase my cat away from the mic a few times, but other than that I got a solid recording. Again, as I mentioned, there is the noise issue with the Zoom – but rain is largely white noise anyway, so I think it blended in.

It’s not really heavy rain – it’s actually quite light and airy. I think used the right way, it could be a really cool ambient element for a rainforest, perhaps. Here’s a little clip:

The other recording I made was just of the night-time ambience. It was quite late, around 1am-ish, and I left the recorder going for about an hour. It’s a nice still ambient sound, again a bit of noise from the zoom, but nothing too bad. I think it’d work nicely as the base for an ambience – it’ll likely end up in Taphobos in some form. There’s some minimal traffic in the background, but not too prominently. There’s some movement in the recording, that, weirdly, I think came from the bushes in my garden. I was sat still listening to everything in my headphones, and it was pretty unnerving to clearly hear movement in the bushes just next to me. You can hear below:

Of course I forgot to take pictures. But that’s okay, as it was dark anyway.

Thanks for reading!




Hours 28 – 30: Night Ambience and more Rain

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