Hours 46 – 47: Rubble Recording Part 1

Hello! Back again with a fun little recording session that I did in my back garden today. Just a quick post this time around, as there’s not a ton to talk about it really.

I decided to gather up some large stones from around my garden, and hurl them at some concrete for some cool heavy rubble sounds. I used the Sennheiser MKH416 to capture the sounds, going into the Sound Devices 633. The rocks are quite resonant-y and have a nice rumble to them, and I think with some layering and processing they’d be helpful as, for example, elements for an earthquake sound, or perhaps a building collapsing. I threw big rocks at just the ground, at other rocks and then made little piles of rocks to then hurl multiple rocks at. The resulting sound is very organic, and has a lot of nice body to it.

Sadly I forgot to take any pictures of the session! I’m hoping to do another soon with some smaller, more detailed debris / rubble sounds, to potentially mix in with these heavier ones. As I ever, this sample is fairly raw – I did hit it lightly with RX this time around as there was a fair amount of annoying traffic in the background.

Thanks for reading!



Hours 46 – 47: Rubble Recording Part 1

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