Hours 52 – 53: Fireworks

Helloo! A few nights ago I decided to let off a few leftover fireworks that have been knocking around my house since November.


I set them up in my garden (I have a fairly big garden), and let them off one by one. I was taken aback by how incredibly loud they were – I think I didn’t realise quite how loud the screaming ones would be. I recorded them with a pair of 414’s in the A-B config, going into the Sound Devices 633. Despite how loud they were, I luckily didn’t get any negative sonic artifacts from the clipping – and they really did clip like crazy! The resulting recordings could be used for a number of things, possibly sweetening some sci-fi lazers or mixed faintly into a battle soundscape. I’ve included some of the cool ones below – be aware they are raw from the recorder and are pretty loud.

As ever, thanks for reading! Back again soon with more cool stuff.



Hours 52 – 53: Fireworks

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