Hours 53 – 54: Heavy Rain

We’ve had some pretty heavy rainfall today, and parts of the south of the uk have even been partially flooded due to the large amounts of rain. We’ve had intermittent yet quite heavy rainfall during the afternoon and early evening, and I decided not to miss an opportunity so set a couple of mics up to record what I could of it.


I used my usual choice, a pair of 414’s set up in the A-B config going into the Sound Devices 633. The rain I managed to capture was good, and I got a solid hour of rainfall with intermittent heavy spells. The only slight downfall to recording particularly heavy rain is that it can essentially become white noise at times – this does happen in places in the recording, but irregardless, I think it’d be a helpful rain element to use in my work.
Typically I will record rain from the ground floor in my house, but this evening I decided to try recording from the first floor of my house. I live in a pretty grand old Victorian terraced house, and our first floor is pretty high up – so I avoided a lot of closer reflections and raindrop impacts that I get when recording on the ground floor. That being said, I had to place the mics under an open window – obviously because I didn’t want to get them wet – and this had a minor effect on the sound, with occasional obviously close raindrops. Lower in a mix with other rain elements, I think this wouldn’t be particularly noticeable.
This is, as ever, raw from the recorder – I chopped out a cool bit where the rain swelled to being pretty heavy.

Thanks for reading!



Hours 53 – 54: Heavy Rain

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