Hours 63 – 64: Manchester Piccadilly Train Station

Hello! So I’ve just got back from spending a week in Manchester, and despite my initial intentions, I ended up being too busy to do much recording. As I had some time to kill on my way home, and my recorder in my bag, I decided to grab a recording of the ambience of the main train station in Manchester, Manchester Piccadilly. It’s fairly big – not huge – but enough for a busy sounding ambience, with the trains in the background and the tannoy overhead.


I initially sat next to some old people who proceed to chat loudly about a movie their daughter had been to see, but after moving to a slightly less populated area I was able to capture some cool ambience of the space as a whole. I decided to avoid being particularly obvious with the recorder, and tucked it in the front pocket of my bag with just the mics poking out of the top.


The sound is pretty cool, definitely usable as a background ambience – not very much spill from the trains, a little rumble but mainly just a non-descript ambient bed. As always this is raw from the recorder, no processing other than the edit.

That’s it for now, I’ve got a few bits and bobs from my recorder that I’ll be posting soon. Thanks for reading!



Hours 63 – 64: Manchester Piccadilly Train Station

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