Hours 65 – 66: Manchester Thunderstorm

So tonight, there was an absolutely huge thunderstorm in the Manchester-ish area. It was huge, chucked it down with rain and huge rolls of thunder battered the north-west coast. It was so damn big, it made the news. I was still at work when I heard a huge thunder crack, so I rushed home, grabbed my recorder and captured what I could.

It rained heavily for about an hour, with constant thunder and lighting throughout. At one point (and I kid you not), lighting stuck something outside my room. I’m not sure what exactly it struck, or how close to me it actually was, but it was damn loud. Sadly i’d turned my recorder off by that point. (doh).

I put my recorder by my window (I did think about running out into the rain and crouching somewhere with the recorder, but after a little deliberation, I decided I wasn’t that bothered about soaking myself to get a great recording). The result of it being by the window is some slightly weird reflections, but it sounds okay. The thunder is a relatively broadband noise anyway, and it shows up well despite the un-ideal mic positioning. Here’s a few exciting moments below:

That’s the lot for now! Forgot to take pictures.. So I used one from the other week when I recorded some rain from my window. Rain’s all the same.




Hours 65 – 66: Manchester Thunderstorm

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