Hours 70 – 71: Rowing Boat

Hello! BACK ONCE AGAIN! It’s been a considerably long time since I updated this blog, so apologies for that. I’ve got a number of recordings tucked away from the past few months, so hopefully I might post them in the near future. For now, here’s a cool one I recorded this weekend.

It’s another rowing boat! yipee!


Apparently rowing is something my family do on a relatively frequent basis. Second time in the last 12 months we’ve done it. Becoming frankly quite habitual. Anyway, this time it was a plastic-fiberglass body – as opposed to the lovely wooden bodied boat I recorded last year. It still had an interesting sound, nice creaky wooden oars and that pleasing water-on-hull sound that we’ve come to expect from water based vehicles.
I recently (finally) invested in a rycote, which is something I didn’t have the luxury of using the last time I recorded a boat. This time the results are better – but still wind persisted to be an issue.

Here’s a little clip:

That is it for now! Hopefully i’ll be back again soon with more recordings. This project is lasting significantly longer than I had initially anticipated, so I may put some effort into recording more during the summer months to make sure I finish it up.



Hours 70 – 71: Rowing Boat